(April 20 – May 20)

Taurus means the Bull!  Stubborn, but easily contented.  Reserved, but easily angered.  Temperament is a major issue, and most Taureans learn to hammer that metal of ones’ psyche into a fine alloy for their practical uses.  This can be anything from fine jewelry, to machine parts, weapons of war or ploughshares that feed a multitude.  All is decided by whether or not the Taurean can bring themselves to rise from their bed!

Some Taurean attributions are beauty and ones’ response to beauty.  Conservative, dogmatic, cultured, apt to dance, Taurus is what one will do to earn money; how far one will go to gain.  Possessions are quite important to the strongly influenced Taurean which could make them good treasurers.


  • J.D.B