If you are not familiar with clay toothpaste it might seem like ‘clay’ and ‘toothpaste’ are two words that should not be combined.  And, yes, when brushing with clay toothpaste your mouth is full of clay!  But, like so many things in life, all is not as it seems.  What is actually happening when you brush with Bentonite clay, is that you will have the cleanest feeling teeth and mouth you have ever felt.

There are quite a few varieties on the market as well as tons of DIY recipes on line ( which are mostly very simple ).  Earthpaste is probably the most popular and easy to find, but I prefer Uncle Harry’s in the jar (pictured) which is also quite popular and available at Urban Outfitters.



This is the one I am currently using and really like it.  You can buy it on their website.  This one is extra special because it includes Diatomaceous Earth in the recipe which adds that much extra to the detox experience (it says on the top of the cap SAFE TO SWALLOW).  It’s almost a recipe for an internal detox product.  Bentonite Clay has the  unique property of absorbing toxins, heavy metals, and poisons and carrying them safely out of the system. This is why it is effectively used as an internal detox.  You can read more about it here.  It’s an amazing hard worker and obvious choice for toothpaste and oral health considering the mouth is the doorway that lets in so much of the toxins etc.

I haven’t got around to making my own but I definitely will and will update you on that experience.  I also want to mention a tooth powder that I love which uses Bentonite clay and activated coconut shell charcoal.  If a mouthful of clay seems counterintuitive, a mouthful of black charcoal is even more disturbing.  But, it works!  Whiter teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums, cleaner mouth!


This is the one I use ( Go to their website).  With all the wonderful alternatives to the horrible, even damaging, products offered in the supermarket and drugstore arena, it’s time everyone start not only maintaining oral health but potentially turning back the tide of damage already done.  And in spreading the word, don’t forget to bring a gift to your dentist if you think they don’t already use some of these products.  Even old time professionals are curious enough to give it a try.  That’s how we spread the love!