Vatican Monk by Dan Kwon

I have included astrology on  Truth Beauty Kindness to accentuate the ‘holistic’ approach to beauty which involves truth and kindness.   My understanding is that the science of astrology is intended to give structure, timing, and reason to our daily quest for evolution.  Our quest for evolution is our raison d’etre.  It is why we incarnate again and again.  Each individual soul seeks to evolve to its’ ultimate state of perfection.  This is both highly complicated and extremely simple.  To become a perfect spiritual being is to be united with God.  That sounds simple.  Just like eating a piece of fruit to nourish the body sounds simple.  But both of these situations contain highly complex systems, most of which we will never fully comprehend.   So, we come to faith.  Faith in our Maker who has sorted out all the genius details and miraculous functions.  Just as we chew and swallow our food unaware of all the complex chemical transformation and scientific processes of digestion, we can also sit in quiet contemplation and humbly receive divine inspiration without knowing exactly how it happens.

Astrology gives us a tiny window into that unknown machinery of the universe.  It is a very helpful tool.

The path of evolution leads up.  It is not a flat, no effort stroll along the shore.  It’s a climb.  And although that takes effort, it brings great satisfaction.  Following a path of incline also promotes muscular strength and cardio health.  (to continue the metaphor) a path of spiritual trials results in a bigger heart and healthier, more functional, physical reality.

Generosity and Gratitude are two key provisions to take with you on your trek up the evolutionary incline.  These are indispensable multi-tools that you will use non stop.  You will share them with others, you will need them to build your shelter, to feed yourself, to push on to the next level…

Each of us walks along our own individual path but we are in no way alone.  The higher you travel, the more pure the energy you emanate and that light in turn paves the way for someone behind you.  You yourself are learning and growing based on work done by someone(s) who went before you.  To feel alone or like a solitary figure in the world around you is not accurate.  You are doing hard work and you are demanding a lot of focus and energy of yourself but you are an important element in a larger scheme.  Every player on the stage of life has an important role – the villain and the hero (and the ‘spear shaker’). The astrologers who lovingly make their daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts are playing their generous part by trying to throw  life line or throw up a warning flag or sometimes give a heads up to something beautiful they don’t want us to miss.   Play your own role with sincerity, love, and respect and anticipate joyous outcome.  Bring light and life to your role and affect those around you in a way they will remember.  Make it beautiful and amazing.  The potential for ‘amazing’ is always there… just look up at the sky at night and wonder what magic is happening up there.