Organic beauty products are available at TJMaxx.  But like all items at TJMaxx they change the inventory so that you cannot count on re-purchasing the same item when you have used it up.  I know this from experience as I loved an Argan oil I got there once and have never seen it again.  But as the photo shows, I did find a pretty decent replacement.  They pretty much always have a fair assortment of oils in 1 oz dropper bottles like this Chia Oil and Rose Hip  Oil.    But, again, you cannot count on the oil you are seeking to be there.  So, with that in mind, you can always get a decent substitute.  Same goes for essential oils.  There is usually a shelf filled with essential oils but it is often a ton of one or two of the same oil.  The other day it was Lavender by the gross, which I don’t need but I did find these two (Lemon and Rosemary).  Because of this hit n miss kind of inventory, it’s a good idea to buy several of the oils you use most when they are there because they are so much cheaper than almost any other source.


The face products seem even more unreliable in terms of what you might find on any given day.  Sometimes there is very little and other times it’s all there.  Lately there seems to be a lot of Avalon Organics sprinkled around.  And there is usually an array of organic products from Australia for some reason but they have brands from all over as shown above.  It’s nice to be able to try organic brands that you don’t already know about and that you don’t have to gamble a lot of money to give them a try.


They even had the Neem toothpaste that I normally buy at the healthfood store.  In the past I have also bought Clay toothpaste there.  This body oil turned out to be really nice.  Nice feel and smell (and inexpensive) and I like the pump bottle.


I know candles are not body products but they are necessary when you have your at home spa day so I included them.  TJMaxx has a lot of candles and depending on the location you may have to spend some time reading labels to find a soy selection, but there’s almost always at least one.  These two were an easy pick as the word soy is clearly printed on the label.  That is not always the case…  ‘Hand poured in the USA’ is an extra bonus.  Most candles are made in Asia and as we all know the working conditions are generally sub standard, if not dangerous, so I am happy with everything about these two candles not to mention how stylish they are!

So, whatever your usual TJMaxx shopping habits are, if you haven’t yet scoured around for organic beauty please give it a try.  It’s well worth the trip most days.   Don’t forget, they also usually have a great tea selection which  fits in with ‘at home spa night’ !