Oct 20-Nov 20


Scorpio is the ‘difficult’ sign of the zodiac.  They are typically very sexual and very jealous.  A problematic combination…   symbolized by the scorpion, snake and eagle, the Scorpio can excel in spiritual development; if they can overcome their predatory Paleolithic nature and rise above their reptilian tendencies.  There lies the potential for the Scorpio to become a pillar of spirituality.  They are natural psychics, often attracted to psychical things… But beware of an attraction to evil.

They love material things.  Being a fixed water sign, shopping, food, sex, mundane satisfactions put Scorpio in a better mood.  They are secretive and tend to excuse themselves for lying but will become quite spiteful and vindictive when lied to.  Scorpions are thought to make good surgeons but also have a tendency to substance abuse.

Advice to Scorpions :  Hold yourself to the highest moral standards, seek spirituality, judge yourself and not others and the scorpion in the desert will become the eagle soaring through the skies above.