I have had my eye on these S.W.Basics Eco Cotton Rounds for some time now.  It seems like such a nice idea and totally the kind of thing I love, but… $22.00 for 8  approx. 3 inch round pieces of organic cotton with serge edging … I still hesitate.


They do look perfect and like something I doubt I could recreate on my own… Lot’s of rave reviews… still I hesitate.  Yes, admittedly, I am frugal to a fault and for some reason $22.00 is the magic number that stands in my way.  I feel like maybe at $18.00 I would have clicked ‘add to cart’ the first time I saw them.  I don’t know.  I am pretty sure one of these days I will buy them and when I do I will most certainly post a review!


For now I am quite in love with these ‘cut cotton Ecru’ from MUJI.  MUJI is a Japanese store with 700 locations worldwide, but I think only the 5 New York locations in US.  But there is MUJI online and you can find these unbelievably soft cotton pads on eBay.  Lots of the EBay listings say ‘organic’ but it isn’t stated on the packaging.  They are unbleached which is awesome and they are nice and big.  And they are crazy-soft.  They don’t sell these on the MUJI website so if you don’t have a store near you then EBay would be your best bet.  They cost around $6.00 in the store and about that same price on eBay.  They are a nice 3 inch by 3.5 inch size and the softness!… So, so soft.

IMG_3710 (2).JPG

It is better to use unbleached hygiene products ( toilet paper, Kleenex, cotton rounds, tampons…) because of the very toxic bleaching methods used for the white stuff.  So, if you can’t always get organic, at least go for the unbleached.

IMG_3709 (2).JPG

Re-usable is surely the best, most responsible choice, so I will some day soon buy those S.W.Basics ones and let you know all about it!