A healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair.  Here in the west we tend to pay little attention to the scalp but in China and Korea for instance they have lots of products and health habits directed towards scalp health (head massage is a TCM staple and actually provides health to all organs of the body besides hair and scalp).  I am just going to share my habits but it’s worth looking into some of the Asian techniques.  The simplest thing I do, and I do it daily, is to stimulate my scalp with a fairly vigorous brushing with rosemary and cedarwood EOs.  I do this by putting a drop or so of each oil into the palm of my hand and sweeping the brush across, bristle side down, so that the bristles get coated on the very tips with the oils.  Then I brush my hair paying attention to my scalp.  This method encourages blood flow while massaging the oils directly to the scalp at the same time.  And it couldn’t be easier.


The next thing I do regularly is massage black seed oil into my scalp the night before washing.  I do this by using the dropper to apply a drop to each finger tip then massaging straight into my scalp.  I reapply till I feel I have entirely covered my scalp.  I sleep on it without wrapping my head and because the oil is on my scalp and not so much my hair I never notice it on my pillow in the morning.  The smell sometimes lingers but I quite like it so I don’t mind.  You could of course wear a scarf or turban etc..  Then in the morning I wash as usual.


This one is probably less well known… But I highly recommend it.  For your final rinse, pour a bottle of room temp (unflavored) sparkling water over your head, concentrating on the scalp.  The cool water helps close the follicles while the carbonation improves circulation… and it feels yummy!