I have a terrible time with cold weather… Hair, skin and nails all go crazy at the first drop in temperature.  It hasn’t even got actually cold yet and it started – nails are brittle (a month ago they were gloriously long!), hair is static-y, skin is tight and threatening to be itchy.  Not fun.  So, aside from all my cold weather lotions and potions that I will be sharing with you over the next few months, I take extra measures with my diet.


I try to boost my intake of Omega’s.  I actually can feel my skin get softer within an hour of eating my Omega packed breakfast.  I make a chia seed oatmeal porridge – the kind you make overnight in the fridge – and add organic flax seed meal and hemp hearts, along with fruit and yogurt, and this really soothes my skin.  There are tons of chia seed recipes on line so I won’t give mine but trust me, a massive Omega surge in the morning really helps.windchill

When cold air attacks on the outside, it is wise to start your defenses on the inside. Be aware of dehydrating habits like alcohol and coffee.  The rule of thumb is two glasses of water to every one glass of these.  Make a salad with cucumbers and celery ( they contain silica which boosts moisture and elasticity) add avocado, watercress, mint, parsley and olive oil.  That’s a delicious way to keep flaky skin at bay.

I would love to hear any other dry winter skin advice, if you care to share in the comments!

Keep warm and cozy… And hydrated!