I have found out the hard way in past years that those who shop early for Christmas décor get all the good stuff… This year, I won!

A DIY advent calendar with little cubbies for each day!  Now of course the work begins of finding 25 fun things that fit… There is always chocolate truffles : )


This just barely makes it in the cubby.  Pretty adorbs I thought…


And last, but certainly not least, the cutest pillow I’ve ever seen.  This Christmas elf is totally doing his job.  Every time I look at it I am filled with happiness and joy.  You can’t not giggle looking at that face…

I hope this brings some (apparently much needed) Christmas cheer to your day and remember that the clock is ticking.  By Thanksgiving most of the decorations have gone or are seriously picked over.  Have fun shopping, spread cheer, and start the season of ‘Goodwill Towards Men’* a little early.

*And, yes, in the old days that meant mankind AKA everybody!