Every night after I wash my face I put a few drops of Rose hip oil in my palms, rub my hands together ands press the warm oil into my face.  I then proceed to do a facial massage that can last for 2 minutes or 15 minutes depending on my mood.  It is a very good habit that I am kind of proud of.  As you can see on this chart your face has pressure points just like your feet and hands.

Your face also has a system of lymph glands that benefit greatly from a light sweeping type of motion as shown here:


It really takes so little time and is so beneficial I can’t urge you enough to give it a try.  You can use any combination of facial oils that suit your skin type; just enough to allow your fingers to slide easily.  I am working on a blend that specifically supports lymph health to use with my dry brushing and might see if I can adapt it for this facial technique… promise to keep you updated!