I seem to have had the most difficulty in switching all my beauty products to vegan/cf/organic with mascara.  To be honest, mascara is always a struggle even in the toxic brands.  It’s never just right.. They do their best to convince you of the outcome but 9 times out of 10 they come up short (no pun intended).  This picture of the back of the tube of Physicians Formula is actually tame compared to most.  Exclamation points, Bigger Better… other brands go much more over board with promises.  Anyway, the name Physicians Formula is a bit of a promise in itself and that is I where I had my issues.  This mascara was actually painful for me to wear.  I have never had a reaction like this to mascara before.  It felt like I had gotten something toxic in my eye.  They wouldn’t stop tearing and even after I took it off it took a while to calm down.  This happened twice so I believe it was the product and not anything I did.


Plus it has this weird wand.  I can almost tell from this close up that there is something sinister about this ‘physicians formula’.  It just doesn’t look friendly…


This e.l.f.volumizing mascara was another disappointment. It only costs 2 bucks or something like that so obviously my expectations were low to begin with.  Still, all of the e.l.f. line is very inexpensive and some of the products really deliver (blush for example). The big issue with this mascara, aside from average performance, is shelf life.  It went dry after a few weeks.  I don’t know if the tube was empty or it just dried out.  Either way, I don’t like to throw away stuff to that extent.


So, the Organic Wear was a disaster as I said, e.l.f. a dud, but Pacifica Stellar Gaze is pretty good.  It’s comfortable to wear.  It feels nourishing.  It doesn’t give huge results in terms of length or volume but is pretty perfect for a healthy, comfortable daytime mascara.

The other two in this photo are from the  Wet nWild  ‘mega’ series.  If you go to their site you will see that they are a cruelty free brand and they list which products are vegan, like the mega series mascaras.  These are pretty good. Only $3- each.  I haven’t had them long enough to know if they dry out in the tube quickly but already they are better than e.l.f. They layer nicely and give the best results of the group.

I have wanted to buy 100% PURE  Maracuja Mascara for a long time but every time I go to buy it at my local drugstore they are out completely or only have the purple one.  I am hoping it is because this product is so good and not that my local drugstore is so lame..


It costs $25- which is a little steep for me in that I try to keep a $20 limit on mascara.  I don’t really know why I have that rule but considering the odds of finding a real keeper  based on the above info I think it’s best to stay under $20.  In my toxic years of beauty buying I bought all price levels before being as cautious as I am now.  I used to believe that Chanel or YSL etc. were worth the price tag but honestly that price tag is mostly covering the packaging.  And, yes , those brands do have fantastic packaging!

I would love to hear any advice/experiences/questions concerning vegan mascara.  Please comment or email and we can figure this thing out together!