Artist: Eva Peche Marie


This past weekend  I had a very difficult, but very necessary cold, hard look at my life.  This moment seemed to be initiated by the Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday but was driven home by an even more difficult Cardinal Grand Cross involving all the major signs of my natal chart.  It was truly Hellish.  But very important.  Sometimes you must go down to the basement level of your psyche; The dressing room lit by too much overhead fluorescent lighting while you try on that bikini in early spring with  no tan and the obvious truth that you  didn’t quite keep up with the New Years diet and fitness resolutions; The 10x magnifying mirror that makes your pores look like black holes in the galaxy that swallow up entire starships… Basically what most people would call the ugly truth. For me it is more the terrifying reality.  Either way, it is true and real and therefore unavoidable.  So ultimately, it is a very, very good thing to face it once in  awhile.

After scaring yourself half to death, punching yourself in the face (mentally), and crying yourself swollen, you feel empty.  That is also ok.  You are purged of a lot of bottled up fear, guilt, anxiety, denial … whatever.  Whatever it is people spend lots of time and money avoiding.  It doesn’t go away with medication or distracting activities.  Sooner or later you must deal with it.  It is your life, like it or not.  It is a culmination of your actions, inactions, desires and decisions.  The planets align themselves in these curious ways, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting, to remind us that we are indeed mere mortals. These trials and tests of endurance are a blessing.  They put us back on track.  If we avoid the difficult truths or deny the not so beautiful reality, we cannot make progress.  We will be stuck in a stagnant pool insisting that it doesn’t smell bad and spending a fortune on Fabreeze.

If and when you do go through one of these heroic battles with your own reality, just remember that every problem has a solution.  Think about the crazy stuff you have faced in the past and here you are in one piece.  Each new level you achieve in life is the bottom of the next level.  It is challenging, but that is also a good thing.  Seek out Truth, be Beauty in action and spread Kindness.  That’s my formula for growth and success even in the scariest of situations.  Be brave, be loving, live your life!