I didn’t actually end up getting the Kevin Murphy color, but my search for  Kevin Murphy products is what led me to the organic salon that did an amazing color fix for me with all organic products.  I will be honest, my hair was a complete disaster thanks to my constant search for a good at home organic color.  Over the past year I have tried all the organic hair colors out there.  (Although I did not try Madison Reed, the subscription service).


I ended up with almost black at the ends and bright red at the roots… one of those epic nightmare hair moments.  So I came across a page of hair color swatches from Kevin Murphy’s new color line and found the color I wish I had.  I then searched for a salon that used Kevin Murphy products.  I went for a consultation and was really happy with the plan.  He said he would be using a line of organic color that he has been using for years and said the Kevin Murphy one was new and although he used Kevin Murphy shampoo and deep treatment etc.  he would use the organic color system he was used to.  And let me tell you, it worked beautifully.  I would recommend going to a salon that uses an organic color system.  The results were excellent, and although he had to lift my atrocious dark color in order to then apply my beautiful new copper gold cold, there was no damage, no dryness, no smell during the lifting process.  Non toxic hair color experience is awesome!!!