I have been wanting to play around with natural dyes for some time, having  only previously trying tea and getting some beautiful results with black tea for dye.  But today  I noticed a handful of ‘past their prime’ tumeric roots in the bottom of the refrigerator, so I decided to make two dyes -one with tumeric and one with coffee.  I had two camisoles that needed sprucing up (pictured above), one off white and one beige, so I was ready for action.


The big pot in the foreground is vinegar and water to simmer the camis in to prepare the fabric for the dye.  The other pots are simmering the coffee and turmeric.

I really like the  end product. The turmeric made such a bright yellow on the lace and a lovely soft yellow on the body,  I was expecting something more the actual color of turmeric.  To be honest, I prefer this color.  And the coffee created a beautiful mocha that looks so vintage on this ruched velvet, quite yummy!  After taking this photo of them dyed and dried, I washed them by hand to check the staying power of my dyes and there was very little run off color.  These tops were both polyester and nylon – fabrics that don’t hold a dye well but I think the color is pretty vibrant.  Anyway, a successful venture and a lovely recycle!