I know they have a whole page devoted to Valentines Day bath bombs and shower gels but my wish list is a bit more serious… I have not yet tried any of these make up products!  I think it is due to the fact that the Lush store that was pretty close to me shut down for some reason.  Now I have to make a specific trip to another location or shop on line.  I don’t mind reordering on line but for first time products I need to go in and test them.  So, Bubbly lip color, Independent Eyeliner, Eyes Right mascara and Sophisticated eye shadow are all untried by me and that situation needs to be remedied soon!

Shampoo Bars!  I used Honey I Washed My Hair and totally loved it but am curious to try a different one just for comparison.  Godiva (yellow), Avocado Co-Wash (green) and Jason and the Aryan Oil (pink).  I will probably choose based on smell as with all LUSH products.


And, last but not least, this beautiful shower scrub (jasmine scented salt scrub).  That is my current wish list and of course it would make a really special Valentine gift… ?  It’s very convenient that Valentines Day is in February when my skin and hair are crying out for some extra TLC!