March 20-April 20



Aries is the first sign of the zodiac – the first house – the beginning of the journey which ends in Pisces and hopefully with many lessons learned.  Starting on the first day of Spring, the new year in many older cultures, there is a sense of excitement and joy.  People born under this sign are very often exciting to be around.  Not only because they have a childlike wonder about them, but being a fire sign ( the fire of fire) they usually have tons of energy and ideas.  It sounds like this must be the ideal sun sign… right?  Like all things, there is an upside and a downside.  While Aries are brave and energetic, a lot of that comes not from the childlike wonder of all things new and different, but from the martial, forceful, masculine energy of Mars, the ruling planet.  Mars, the god of war, can cause the fun loving Aries to be unnecessarily argumentative and bossy.  Not attractive.  This ball of force also has the tendency to act on impulse and consider the consequences after they have happened. Not safe.  And this appetite for new experiences can lead to much unfinished business as the Arian has moved on to something more exciting. No follow through.  Having said all that, I think Aries is the best sun sign in the zodiac because I am one!    Here are a few of my fellow rebel Aries celebs: