I may be one of the last people on planet earth to buy one of these but if anyone else out there needs a nudge – go buy one!  There are tons of options and variations (and prices) but I finally went to BedBathandBeyond and used one of my 20% off coupons and purchased the HoMedics Ellis Soothe Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser… Kind of a description and product name in one.  It cost $39.99 but most of us have access in one way or another to the 20% off so even better.  I had my eye on a really pretty Japanese one but $120.00 is not easy for me to part with.  And now that I have this one I can’t see that the pricier one would have been much of an improvement.  It’s all about the lovely, gentle mist of aroma infusion quietly filling your space.  This one has some sort of color changing ability but I haven’t bothered with that as I don’t normally use a night light anyway.

Included in that very low price was this ‘Essential Oil Starter Kit’.  3 tiny bottles (2ml ea) of very nice oils. One pure Orange oil, one Fight It blend (immune support oils) and one Pay Attention blend ( oils for concentration).  As you can see in the picture I have been enjoying all three.  I will start blending my own once I use these up.  It will be very nice to create aromatherapy blends to cater to my own specific needs.  I am planning a 6 week cleanse and I want to incorporate aromatherapy in with the diet and herbs etc.

I really love his thing and highly recommend it!