You can’t imagine my joy when changing planes in Atlanta and I see (and smell) directly across from my gate this beautiful botanical skin care shop.  The genuine aromatherapy healing fragrances pulled me over with an uplifting force of their own.




The product range was impressive.  Of course a large selection of travel sizes, a Men’s line, candles, a sink in the middle of the store with soaps and scrubs to wash away the fears and phobias of airport yench… I was in heaven.  It was hard to narrow it down but I ended up with these 5 items.



I needed make up remover so that was easy as they only had this one option.  I have been using it for the past couple of days and really like how gentle it is.  I had been using a micellar water that if I didn’t apply it exactly right it would really sting my eyes.  Has anyone else found this to be the case with micellar water?  It was an ‘organic’ brand but not at all gentle.  Anyway, that makes this find all the more welcome.  This facial cleanser is a travel size and as lovely and gentle as the make up remover.  And the scents are so lovely and relaxing.  I went to their site (here) and found out the founder of the brand had healed herself of migraines with aromatherapy years ago and hence the inspiration for the line.



This wonderful little travel size duo is possibly the best hand and foot crème ever!  I honestly am impressed.  Lightly yet beautifully scented, nourishing but not thick, and noticeable smooth skin shortly after applying.  I can already assure you of a repurchase!




Last. But certainly not least this wonderful little treasure.  Perfect for the situation… get to my seat, buckle up and dab on some clear head tension relief… Whew. Nice.   I also tried using this to enhance my yoga routine.  Very nice experience.

So, I think it is safe to say I found a new cruelty free, aromatherapy based, ethical bath and body product line that also , in my opinion is quite reasonably priced.  Go check it out and let me know what you think : )