If you have never heard of this brand, I truly recommend checking it out.  Their tagline is “We make cruelty-free and non-toxic cosmetics at a price that’s nice.”   That is very true.  The prices are good.  But so is the product.  I ordered this eye shadow palette and lip balm and was able to choose the color of Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick in this generous sized mini which was being offered as a gift at the time.

IMG_4106If you normally shy away from mattes because they are drying, this one is different.  It’s made with avocado oil and goes on so silky.  Even after it dries matte it still feels like you are wearing a lip balm.  Very comfortable.


The Most magical thing ever:


The Flower Balm!  Goes on clear then reacts to your skin’s PH and gives you a perfect shade of neutral/pink.  Perfect for me.  I have such  a hard time with neutral everyday shades.  They almost never work out.  But I love this.  And it feels so nice.  It’s really the kind of product you want to tell everyone about.


This is actually  the Milano powder blush in Coral Cove which I have been wearing all summer and as you can see it goes really well with the Wink Lux eye shadow palette.  I love this palette.  These are my colors and the formula, like the lip products, is very comfortable.  I am so happy with this brand I can’t say enough good things.  Please check it out for yourself and enjoy!!!