First let me just say I love how the cut of this shoe exposes the heel of the foot…  and then let me explain the reason for this post.  Usually I write about vegan beauty or self improvement type of things but once in a while you just see something and say to yourself ” I have to show this to someone!”.  I received an email the other day from this shoe company TamaraMellon.  I had never heard of it but it turns out Tamara Mellon is the ex co founder of Jimmy Choo .  So, not exactly a newcomer to the shoe party.  I found quite a few “must haves” in this collection and the price points are not bad at all for a luxury brand. So, enjoy the show!


Really adorable!  And pretty darn sexy for a flat shoe!


I don’t know about you guys but I love shoes that successfully use the clear plastic trick.


I am pretty sure that every woman should have some kind of leopard print shoe in her collection… I am sadly lacking this element.  These would be the ones for me!


Where should I start… stretch suede beyond ‘thigh high’ with a chunky heel!  Honestly I think the leotard the model is wearing is probably the perfect outfit for these boots : )

Check out the website if you are compiling a wish list for Christmas,  it’s all there! Cheers!