Innisfree is a Korean beauty line of make up and skin care that although does not use the word organic to describe it’s ingredients, is very dedicated to sustainability and purity of product. Their mission statement is impressive:


  • 1Promote healthy
    beauty through
    natural ingredients
  • 2Provide innovative
    and reasonably-priced
    skin care solutions
    for all skin types and

3Offer a sensorial escape
through the wonders of
Jeju Island

  • 4Preserve and protect
    nature’s vitality
    through eco-conscious

They really do put in the effort.  Go to the site (here) and you will see the extent of their dedication.  I purchased a few products and was quite happy with each one.  Probably the most amazing part was the price!  So affordable I expected  e.l.f. type of quality but actually feel these products work like much more expensive lines.

Skinny Volumecara  $10.00

Auto Eyebrow Pencil  $4.00

Cream Blush  $8.00

Concealer  $5.00

Yeah, great pricing!  And, the concealer is a perfect shade for me; something that usually doesn’t happen.  The cream blush is exactly what I wanted it to be.  The eyebrow pencil is great and the mascara is fine.  Everyone has different needs when it comes to mascara and I personally don’t like the clumpy, globby, bulky drug store type that most people like.  Korean brands are generally understated with the mascara application which suits me.  I highly recommend checking out this site or visiting the NYC location which is right off Union Square ( diagonally accross from NYXX).  If you are like me and have a hard time plunking down $40.00 for organic concealor, then Innisfree has your back!