The title is rather commercial, I know, but I thought to narrow it down to a list of 6 might be helpful for anyone struggling to find happiness right now.  We can be very influenced by the world around us without really noticing and suddenly we have the blues and don’t know why.  I wrote this ‘short list’ for a quick fix for anyone finding it difficult to say to themselves – yes, I am happy!  But, if you stop and consider these things you may see that it is true.  You are happy, you are the naked girl on that swing, you can remember the bliss of childhood fantasy.  Happiness is in your control.


Here are the essentials:

  • TRUTH – First seek truth on an inner journey.  Be truthful with and about yourself.
  • KINDNESS – Be kind.  It’s addictive and contagious.
  • HEALTH – It’s difficult to be happy when you are unhealthy.  Start some new good health habits today!
  • RESPECT MOTHER EARTH – This planet we live on gives us everything we need to live and thrive.  Don’t neglect to take care of it in any and every way you can.  You will feel calmer, more responsible, less spoiled.
  • ALIGN YOURSELF WITH NATURE – Become more aware of lunar phases, seasons, planetary aspects.  Tune into nature’s clock.  Move with it, not against it.
  • GRATITUDE – Probably the most important of all.  Nothing brings more inner peace and joy than true gratitude.  Life itself is a gift.  Be ever thankful for it, all day every day.  Even the rough patches and tough lessons are very often blessings in disguise.


Even nature herself has times of decay and stillness and cold winds but those are followed by new growth and life.  The key is to recognize the cycle, find beauty in it and be ready for the change of season.  Some action is required to go from here to there.  Some actions to take while in a low phase that will move you into happiness are activities of self expression, interacting with nature  (flora and fauna).  Both plants and animals bring feelings of peace and happiness.  Notice the uniqueness in others.  No two people are exactly alike; appreciate the difference.  Immerse yourself in the joy of learning.  Learning something new captivates your entire attention, ignites some under used brain cells and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.


There is a lot going on around us that is confusing and even frightening but that is not really anything new.  Try to be true to yourself, believe your own heart, don’t take everything people say too harshly (they will move along), pull back from anger, blame and aggression, and remember that there are unlimited possibilities in life.  You are never stuck.  You may have to get super creative but there is always an alternative. Happiness is an action created by you, you don’t passively receive it.  So, even if you are not feeling depressed right now, someone you know might be.  See if you can’t pass along some love and get things moving for them.  Ultimately, we are all in this together.

BTW – I used Maxfield Parrish illustrations because (the obvious) looking at them makes me so damn happy!