Actually I have been using this tocotrienol powder for a little over a month… and my skin looks and feels great!  I knew right away that it must have been something I needed because I started kind of craving it.  I just put a spoonful in my coffee along with my usual almond milk because that is what a lot of the comments said they were doing.  It is basically creamy in texture and tasteless.  My skin is much more even toned and softer.

I have to mention that there is a bit of controversy on the internet about this product claiming that it has dangerous levels of arsenic.  But, those allegations seem to all be targeting a post by Gwyneth Paltrow on her  Goop site where she raves about her morning smoothie with Tocos and then received a bit of backlash.   I did my own research, as you should too and make your own decision.  The Goop reaction may have been more of a ‘click bait’ thing.  The issue is that it comes from rice bran.   At any rate, tocotrienols are a type of vitamin E with major potential benefits.  But you can look into that for yourself.  I can only say that my skin looks noticeably better.

sun potion tocos

I noticed this brand online which funnily has the sort opposite name to Moon Juice… Sun Potion… kind of funny.  It seems like a worthy opponent in terms of quality and price.  I am able to buy Moon Juice in a nearby store but if I were purchasing online I would give this one a try.  I might do that anyway just for the sake of comparison.  Will keep you posted!