clothing haul

I am not actually talking about a ‘huge clothing haul’ of my own… I don’t normally ‘haul’, but I do get the urge.  So, when I get the urge to shop just for fun or just to satisfy a craving, I watch YouTubers share their hauls.  It actually works! After a couple of hauls by other girls I am kind of exhausted and also no longer feel like shopping.  It works for me and may just happen to work for other people.  I have never heard anyone say this but I think that it is probably one of the reasons those haul videos are popular. If so, then they are doing the world a favor.

Clothes heapWe all know about the tragic waste and mess and awful environmental disaster that this over consumption brings.  And honestly the ‘trends’ really are not that significantly different from last season, last year, last decade… so the real sales pitch is more of a psychological one.  These hauls are trying to fill a kind of therapy void.  And I find that they do by watching them rather than copying them.  Sometimes I might get an idea to style something of mine differently, or maybe make a small alteration to something.  garment workers

These women have horrible working conditions and extremely low wages because of the demand for disposable, cheap fashion.  Supply and demand.  I don’t want to lecture anyone here just suggest that if you have acquired the habit of spontaneous shopping, try watching a few haul videos and see if it doesn’t help.  If you still feel the need to load up a bag of stuff and ‘haul’ it home, try going to Goodwill.  No harm done there.  You are actually helping save some stuff from the landfill and can get creative with your style!

Just trying to help ; )