A couple of months ago (6/13/18) I wrote a post about my discovery of the benefits of Tocotrienols, a vitamin E powder derived from rice bran.  I really like the effects and bought 3 jars from Moon Juice.  In my post I mentioned that I had noticed a competitor ‘Sun Potion’ and said some day I would purchase from that site and compare.

Well, a week or so ago, when my local store was out of Moon Juice tocos, I decided to go to the Sun Potion site and Lady Luck was smiling upon me… This was  on the front page of the site:

In celebration of the heirloom expo we are offering a free bag of our heirloom cacao with every purchase!
*valid until 9/11/18


A very happy day for me, a huge Cacao lover! So, I purchased a bag of Tocos – 400g for 34.99 and got the amazing free bonus of 300g of high quality Cacao!  And the shipping process was very quick as well. So Sun Potion went really well for me.  I have used the tocos for a few days and there is no difference that I can tell from Moon Juice except the rather significant price difference.  SP sells a 400 gram bag for $34.99 while MJ sells a 85 grams jar for $26.00.  Yeah, that makes Sun Potion selling you close to 4x the amount of product.  So, if you are curious and want to try Tocotrienols, I would certainly recommend Sun Potion.