Usually when I look at my Pinterest as a whole – all the boards as a group – I think about their relation to one another more than their relation to me.  The other day I saw the value to myself of this well curated look into my psyche.


We all have an internet persona that is somewhat different than our work persona or our friend persona… it is a distinct facet of our personality.   It is hard to back up and get an objective view but you sort of get a crisper and more intimate view of your internet self by looking at your boards as an outsider.


At first looking at the whole, the names of your boards, the initial response…

then looking at each board a new and seeing what stands out.  There were certain photos that jumped at me and made me bond with it:


So, in my opinion these 4 photos express me the most accurately. At least yesterday they did.  Your internet personality, much like the rest of your personality, is always growing and changing.  It is worth the effort of examining it and encouraging growth on any level.  It is very useful for any self examination or reflection because the visuals are a language of symbols that transcend fleeting thoughts.

Have fun observing yourself!