So many reasons to love bar shampoo… I will indeed heap loads of praise on this product and its effects in a minute, but first… take a second to check out #empties on Instagram, or the 618,000 WordPress beauty posts regarding ’empties’ or YouTube or wherever you want… Basically, those lovely ‘flat lay’ photos will eventually look like this:



Fortunately I don’t even need to use guilt to encourage anyone to use bar shampoo!  I actually find the results far superior to liquid bottle shampoo anyway.  No toxic ingredients generally equals softer, shinier, healthier, even thicker hair. A shampoo bar lasts about 4 times longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo.  They take up much less space in your bathroom or suitcase and of course will cost much less.   You can even support independent local Etsy sellers :



Or get really specific with your personal hair needs and make your own!

bar tutorial

Whatever you decide, it is well past time for all of us ‘organic beauty’ lovers to get the hell away from plastic.  We try so hard not to pollute our bodies with toxins etc , the obvious next step is to rid our environment of the mountains of plastic waste accumulating everywhere. ‘ Cruelty free’ applies here just as it does in testing… let’s be kind to all the birds and fish who are being overwhelmed with plastic intrusion.  I know shampoo bottles do not make up the majority of the waste but I feel like beauty products are a kind of sneaky contributor that can be chipped away at with DIY and alternate methods that in the end are much better for your health anyway.  So if you haven’t started that transition, take the first step with a shampoo bar!