I touched on the subject of ‘cruelty free ‘products  being more than avoiding animal testing in my last post.   Not torturing animals in labs is the obvious beginning, but the excessive packaging and discarded plastic that is dumped into the habitat of our beloved animal neighbors is equally cruel. 

The unaltered stomach contents of a dead albatross chick photographed on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific in September 2009 include plastic marine debris fed the chick by its parents. (Chris Jordan)

I am sorry to have to post that… I don’t want to use guilt. I would  rather appeal to common sense.  Plastic has an extremely long life; almost forever.  Some of the tiny little chips found in animal stomachs can be dated to the 60s and 70s.  Plastic gets broken down into very small pieces in the oceans and rivers but that only makes it more likely to be accidentally swallowed by an animal.  And as the picture shows, it does not make its way out… must be horribly painful.   So, let’s use less/no plastic!  Not easy, but let’s give it a shot.

bamboo toothbrush
sandalwood brush and bristles
sandalwood detangle comb
toothpaste in glass jar
solid deodorant with reusable container

concealer in glass pot
shampoo bar
organic hair care in amber glass bottles
body lotion in glass
zero waste make up brands

This is a pretty good start.  I like to DIY a lot of my beauty products but I know that’s not appealing to everyone.  As this little sample of very easy to find products shows, there are tons of plastic free options.  Next time you throw out that bag of ’empties’ give some thought to these options and see if you don’t start feeling a lot more beautiful!

Kisses and hugs to everyone for thinking, and trying and loving our planet and its’ critters… they love you back.