Kylie then and now

I have been pondering the Instagram beauty mystique for quite some time and decided to attempt a discussion rather than critique using the most popular Instagram girls – Kim and Kylie. I am going to avoid any reference to these ‘stars’ and their lifestyle etc just to focus on the beauty trend they foster. As a comparison I am going to use one of my favorite fashion/make up decades – the 70s. My all time favorite fashion/make up feminine gold standard is the 50s but the photos are B&W so not as easy to compare.

It seems unfair to use Biba since ‘nothing compares 2 u’… But, there it is.  The point really is that it’s not the make up as much as the decade.  The Biba model is fun, flirty, young, bold… Kylie on the other hand looks old before her time, a little tired and maybe a little sad.

The power of Kim is undeniable yet for me is a total mystery… the lack of life force and total absence of playfulness is very apparent in pretty much every photo she takes.  The 70s Lycra bathing suit model has a much sassier pose and lets face it – the cutest bathing suit top I have ever seen!!!

Obviously this one of Kim is some kind of behind the scenes of a photo shoot  but she is wearing a body con sporty outfit and sporting long blonde effortless hairstyle yet looks very uncomfortable and like she can’t wait to get home and take a nap.  The happy sweet 70s girl looks fab in her body con weekend fit and is charming the lens right off the camera…

I know… Cybil Shepherd in the 70s is a pretty high ideal  but Kylie makes a hell of a lot more money and is more of a household name than darling Cybil ever was.  So, one has to ask… why?  Cybil is wearing a full face of make up yet looks fresh as a daisy and has a sweet ‘almost smile’ that makes her seem very young and innocent. Kylie has inches of foundation, extremely unnatural eyebrows, crazy over done lip liner… the exact opposite of young and sweet even though she is till in her teens and Cybil is most likely in her mid 20s in her pic.  Again, why are we throwing youth and freshness and innocence out the window?  Of course the over made up face is spending more money.  so, as usual when trying to solve a mystery – follow the money and you will find the culprit.

lauren h natural

Gorgeous Lauren Hutton as natural as the day is long!  You can see she has a bit of blush, some mascara and a peachy gloss.  But her freckled skin, slight eye bags and gap in her teeth make her all the more adorbs.  The current obsession with fillers and laser facials and invisilign etc to eliminate all character from one’s face is certainly a big part of this beauty fiasco.

There is a lack of fun as well as a lack of charm in today’s Instagram model’s poses.  I think we can expect a return to a more natural sense of femininity and glamor as history proves time and again the pendulum swings one way then back the other way.  I hope women can return to a more fun and charming type of allure like the gorgeous 70s models did.