untitled (6)

This painting reminds me to be all I can be.  Style-wise, this is me.  But the facial expression – disciplined, focused, content; the posture – classic, elegant, poised… she is telling me to get it together.  Rise to the occasion, do not accept defeat or compromise my own values.  Put your absolute best foot forward and control your own outcome.

While this may not be what everyone sees in this painting, you probably have an image of your own which is equally inspiring.  Something that speaks to your higher self and makes you want to aspire to higher goals.

We are collectively experiencing a moment of big change, ‘a disturbance in the force’, and it is actually a bit scary. But change always is.  I believe this is a sort of cosmic event tied to societal evolution and planetary growth.  There are lots of major players in the planetary configuration of this moment suggesting that it is necessary.  My point of all of this is that you can rise to the occasion and win the day for yourself and those around you by choosing the more disciplined path of restraint, wisdom, conscious effort and development, responsibility, and most of all LOVE.  Always love.  Every move, every gesture, every word, every thought should begin and end with LOVE.  It’s a complete transformation of your every day and now is the time!

My love goes out to all of you!