I have to start out saying that I know Trader Joe’s is not the most trusted brand around.  Unfortunately they have been very slow to commit to labeling practices and carry brands that are known to be GMO affiliates yet they claim the store is GMO free… while not having their own products stamped with the ‘Project Verified GMO Free’ certification.  Which makes shopping at TJ’s like shopping most anywhere else.  A pain in the derrière… So much label reading!!!

tjs mouthwash

But, these three products are labeled clearly, neatly and briefly.  AKA not a lot off stuff.  Each of these states “No Animal Testing” and while not organic are mostly free of chemicals and toxins.  I say mostly because the mouthwash contains Polysorbate 80, which doesn’t seem to be a major concern from what I have read.  I would rather it were not an ingredient but it is certainly far less harmful than fluoride and the list of chemicals in commercial mouthwash.

tjs jojoba

This one is easy.  There is nothing other than Jojoba oil and it states no animal testing or animal by products used in production.

tjs body oil

I think this is a new product or at least I never noticed it before.  Lemongrass Coconut Body Oil.  Also a very basic ingredient list and no animal testing.  Of course these all come in plastic bottles which is not ideal and this oil in particular is a very small size 4.8fl oz so repurchasing would probably be frequent… not great…  I would also prefer Organic ingredients…

But I am kind of hoping that Trader Joe’s is stepping up to consumer demands.  If we shop with purpose, leave comments and even talk to store managers we may start to see a shift towards less damaging production practices, more healthy choices and better communication between the supplier and the buyer.  This kind of shift would make a big difference in our lives and I may be overly optimistic but I kind of think we are on our way!   : )