I have written a few posts in the past about the horrors of fast fashion and the fun and benefit of buying pre-owned clothes so I am not going to talk too much about that now.  It is clear to see that in the past couple of years people have started to realize that their shopping habits really do make an impact.  That’s very very nice to see.  I am not one to preach or pressure others, I prefer to teach by example.  Some people recently have commented to me that although they like the idea of thrifting they feel they are not very good at it and get frustrated trying to build an outfit from the thrift.  My answer is usually: don’t bother with thrift stores.  Go to Depop, Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark etc Where someone else has already sifted through all the junk and found the good stuff .  Not everyone has the time or patience for thrift stores or flea markets etc.  That’s the beauty of these other resale sites.

I feel that when you shop on resale sites you actually end up with pieces that are more you.  You weren’t sucked in by marketing and advertising and magazine layouts… you saw an item all by itself and decided it would fit in with your current wardrobe.  The more you shop this way the more you get away from ‘trends’ and ‘styles’ that really don’t represent you.

I thought I would share some photos of my personal style – all thrifted of course – to give you an idea of ‘outside the box’ shopping and styling.  I may not put things together the way you would, but that is my style.  If you are a comfy, cozy gal or sparkle and glitter or boyfriend pants and t shirt type, you too kind find it all on resale sites.  It’s really such an improvement on the old “fashion media” telling you what’s good and what to buy.  Pinpoint your own style preferences and let other people hunt them down for you!  And pay much less than retail!

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Pink Pendleton; Dark Floral Sheer Top; Linen Wide Leg Pants
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I still like wearing shorts with tights!
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Everything thrifted!

I could go on for days styling this jacket!

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Dr Seuss takes things up a notch!
Some feminine layering
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I have been exclusively shopping thrift/second hand for a few years and I guess I have honed in a bit on my personal style.  All of these outfits were purchased in the past 5 months though, so it gets pretty easy.  And just to be clear, I am insanely frugal… I only buy sale items…Even at the thrift store!  If you like vintage era styles, that kind of adds a whole other dimension to the hunt, but again, that is where Etsy comes in super handy…  Have fun, be original, pull away from the ‘whats on trend’ sales pitch, and support some of the hard working resellers while also sparing the landfill and water systems a bunch of unnecessary waste!