Truth Beauty Kindness



Thank you for visiting my website.  I am Cynthia and Truth, Beauty, Kindness is actually my personal motto – VERITAS, DECUS, BONITATIS

My effort is to create a beautiful life, following  a thoughtful approach and a loving attitude.  I enjoy the mystery of femininity – the potions and lotions women have used throughout the ages to enhance their power of allure.  I believe we can adorn our bodies with fine clothes, heavenly perfumes, exotic hair styles and marvelous cosmetics without damaging the earth, our animal friends or our own health.

I welcome and invite interesting comment and conversation!


Mission statement:

This blog is dedicated to persuing health and happiness; finding beauty in all things, creating beauty and exploring beauty without harming anyone or anything, lovingly tending this garden earth and it’s innocent animal kingdom and the humbleness and gratitude of living each day fully and freely.

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