Truth Beauty Kindness




The need for us to evolve as a society is evident.  It will take a long time and who really knows ‘what, when and where’.  You can however begin to evolve as an individual human being right now…

Elevate your goals.  Dedicate yourself to knowing yourself.  Seek out your ugly self and clean it up.  Face your lazy self and challenge it.  Hear your critical, cranky self and quiet it.  Catch yourself sleep-walking and wake up.  Stop and smell the roses, of course, but also sniff around for that which is stagnant, rotting, and tend to it.

Keep your body, mind and environment well cared for.  Clean, maintain, and strive for perfection.  Beauty is in that striving.  Your efforts towards evolving, towards refining, are beautiful in themselves.  We humans are not capable of perfection, but we are capable of perfecting

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